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If you choose to print or download these exercises and undertake to perform those exercises we will assume that you have read the following disclaimer:-


We advise that you consult your physiotherapist before beginning any exercise program.


If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises, stop and consult your physiotherapist.


The North Wales Sports Clinic Ltd is not liable for any injuries incurred while using exercises or programs accessed via this website.


For Thera - Band or Tubing Exercises we advise that the user must wear suitable eye protection such as safety goggles to protect against possibility of eye injury as a result of the band or tube snapping towards the face if grip is lost or if the band or tube breaks.

Pelvic & Hip Stabilization - Patient          Reminder Exercises Part 1

Pelvic Stabilization - Patient Advice/Instructions.


This part of your program is geared toward improving the function and strength of the pelvis and hip regions which will address faulty movement patterns and will help your posture.


Lower back, hip, knee and ankle problems can be affected by inefficient pelvic and/or hip stabilization.

The body works as a unit and when certain body regions are inefficient, it will find a way to make the movement happen using other muscles or joints in a way that it was not designed to do (we have discussed this under coping strategies).


Important concepts to follow in this program which focus on centering or maintaining the body in a neutral position, remember you should know and be able to feel where neutral is.


While performing these exercises, please be aware of a good body position, the number of repetitions and resistance.


Please apply the centering concept (neutral position) when performing all these exercises and keep the movement in controlled, small ranges.


Increase the range without sacrificing quality control, maintain the neutral position.


Start with low number of repetitions and gradual increase with the principle that never sacrifice quality.

When adding resistance start with 1 lb and increase by 1 lb with maximum of 3-5 lbs.

Please be patient whilst loading - large files

Post hip fracture baltimore study exercises

For more Great Hip & Gluteal Exercises Click on the Sub Menue on the Left

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