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As from the 18th December 2015 the New Location Adress will be:-


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Which is just a few miles away from our old location at the Deeside Leisure Centre - at the Asda Roundabout take the road to Sandycroft continue past a speed camera untill some shops appear on the L. hand side - turn L. at shops into Rectors Lane then 1st L. the Unit is in front of you!


Our New Telephone Number is 01244-630809

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HUMAC BALANCE                               Fall Prevention by Evaluation & Exercise

Humac Games - Down Hill Skier


Physiotherapy should be fun... and with the interactive HUMAC Balances selection of Games -  Our physiotherapy definitely is fun for our patients.


The HUMAC Balance Games includes Down Hill Skier, Flight, Tilt Board, Breakout, and Pong games keeping rehabilitation fun and exciting.


Humac Main Menue


HUMAC Balance Software includes the most common balance and weight bearing test & exercise protocols, displays, and reports


The program is easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate so clinicians and patients will be up and running in no time.


Humac Dashboard

The HUMAC Dashboard makes it simple to get your patients up and exercising on the HUMAC Balance Board.

Select Dashboard, any feedback option and Go.It's easy and fast.

Tthe Dashboard also includes an option to print out the results of the exercise session.



The HUMAC COP Display is used during Clinic Test of Sensory Input Balance (CTSIB), Concussion Testing, Core Stability Training, and Lower Limb Stability Training.

Real-time Visual Biofeedback Displays such as COP greatly enhance the patient's experience during exercise.



Sometimes the simplest displays are the most informative and the HUMAC Weight Bearing Display is a perfect example.

Every clinician prescribes squats for lower extremity involved patients (from wheelchair to full weight bearing) with the advice "keep your weight balanced."


Now patients can see in real-time just how balanced they are right to left or anterior to posterior without mirrors or clinicians watching.



Once an area of deficiency has been identified the HUMAC Weight Shift Display can be used to guide a patient toward or away from the area.

Progress is evaluated by tracking good hits vs. bad hits (moving from one side to the other with going outside the pink lines) and elapsed time.



The LOS test using the HUMAC Balance objectively measures a person's ability to move their Centre of Pressure (COP) about their sway envelope using Ankle Strategy (lean as much as possible without lifting any part of the foot off the balance board).

This report includes the ability for the user to add a normative value to compare individual patients against.

Typically, this number is 65% meaning the person was on path 65% of the time when moving from centre to target. A perfect score would be 100%.



The mCTSIB test measure a person's ability to maintain equilibrium on a firm surface and a soft surface with eyes open and eyes closed.

The HUMAC Balance mCTSIB Report compares a patient's results to age based normative data.

The colour coded bar graph indicates pass (Green), borderline (Yellow), and fail (Red). Normative data is based on "Predicting Fall Risks in an Elderly Population." Girardi et al. Laryngoscope 11: September 2001.

Stability Score is calculated as follows: (S standard - A max)/S standard where A max is the axis of maximum sway inches as determined by the 95% confidence interval.

The traditional CTSIB test can also be performed if occluded vision for each surface is added to the protocol.



Mobility Report measures the patient's ability to trace a moving target about their sway envelope using an ankle strategy.

A perfect score would be 100% as in the patient was able to stay on and move with the target 100% of the time.




The HUMAC Balance retains all of the raw data collected from a test.

Data can be recalled using a standard HUMAC Test, Progress, or Group Summary format or exported to Excel as shown in this example.


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