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As from the 18th December 2015 the New Location Adress will be:-


North Wales Sports Clinic Ltd

Unit 10

Rectors Lane, Pentre





Which is just a few miles away from our old location at the Deeside Leisure Centre - at the Asda Roundabout take the road to Sandycroft continue past a speed camera untill some shops appear on the L. hand side - turn L. at shops into Rectors Lane then 1st L. the Unit is in front of you!


Our New Telephone Number is 01244-630809

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Physiotherapy: get fit with us again

Rehabilitation isn't as difficult as you may think, and the road back to your former strength may be considerably shorter than expected.


Our approach is to help you make a complete recovery with the greatest possible care taken.

Our expertise in therapy is built on many years' experience in all physiotherapy areas.

Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers Team Up for Amazing Results

In Australia and the USA the importance of a multidisciplinary approach between Physical Therapists (physiotherapist's) and Athletic Trainers (strength & conditioning coaches) is fast becoming the norm when rehabilitating sports injuries.


This is one example of the many "Blog Posts" that are now appearing on the iternet that outline the merits this approach.


Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers Team Up for Amazing Results November 1, 2011
4:27 pm by Dave Heidloff


When an athlete is injured, a doctor will often prescribe a round of physical therapy to help facilitate
the healing process. As an athletic trainer (AT), I’m often asked by parents why a student-athlete can’t just do their therapy with me in the athletic training room instead of going off-site to a clinic for formal physical


The truth is that as an athletic trainer, I’m a part of a healthcare team, and like any other team, I feel that each member plays a role that maximizes their potential.

Personally, and dependent on the nature of the injury, if I want my athlete to get the highest quality of care, I’m going to set them up with formal physical therapy with a physical therapist (PT).


So why do I refer to PT?


As an outreach athletic trainer at a high school, there is a very small window of time after school before a practice or game begins (usually about 30 to 40 minutes, nicknamed “the rush”) that allow an AT to adequately oversee a student-athlete’s formal rehabilitation.


During this time, ATs are multitasking between pre-activity treatments, taping, and evaluations.

In addition to time constraints, resources are somewhat limited at the high school and often require oversight in a different location in the school, such as a cardio lab or weight room.

After the “rush,” ATs are going out to practice and/or events that may interfere with the quality of care that a surgical case, for example, may require.


Most athletic trainers are constantly multitasking between treatments, taping, performing evaluations, coordinating athletes’ health care, working on the sidelines, and other tasks to provide that level of  dedicated service.


PTs are dedicated to providing the best possible rehabilitation to their patients and often dedicate their time to one-on-one care.


As stated earlier, a physical therapist will be solely dedicated to working with you throughout your therapy
sessions, which are tailored to each patient’s needs after a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation.

This type of individualized one-on-one care is paramount to maximizing your time spent while going through your rehabilitation.


One bonus that some athletes may not realise is that many physical therapists have specialties that can be of specific benefit to an athlete.


Also, within a physical therapy clinic you’ll find specialised equipment for exercise and healing, as well as other healthcare specialists, all which serve as resources that are unique to the physical therapy clinic

These resources and the ability to provide individualized attention make PTs an irreplaceable part of the rehabilitation process.


As mentioned, the athletic trainer is not out of the picture once formal physical therapy has started.

Many PTs will take advantage of their relationship with an AT to help co-create a treatment plan that addresses each individual athlete’s specificneeds.


Also, formal physical therapy sessions are often supplemented byexercise sessions on the athletic field or in the gymnasium.


Moreover,athletic trainers excel in late-stage rehabilitation, also called ‘Return to Sport Conditioning’, making them an important asset for transitioning athletes back into competition safely.

Finally, ATs serve as a guide to help athletes modify their practices, which allows them to safely participate in their sport as soon as possible.


As you can see, each profession serves as a resource for the other and combining their skills creates the best possible scenario for the athlete they’re working with.


By letting each profession fulfill the roles they excel in, athletes are given the highest quality of care and will achieve the best outcome possible.

Clinic's Multidisciplinary Approach & The Importance of Hermes!

The North Wales Sports Clinic Ltd is fully committed to a multidisciplinary approach to it's rehabilitation programs for the benefit of all our clients.


We will continue to commit resources to the Hermes Health & Fitness Group in an effort to bring an understanding between the profession's of the valuable role they all have to play in the Health,Fitness & rehabilitation programs of our clients.


The work that the Hermes Group has already undertaken has been extremely beneficial to all concerned helping to raise standards locally and indeed within our own practice.


Physiotherapist's & other Health & Fitness professionals are welcome to join the group - contact the clinic for further details.


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