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As from the 18th December 2015 the New Location Adress will be:-


North Wales Sports Clinic Ltd

Unit 10

Rectors Lane, Pentre





Which is just a few miles away from our old location at the Deeside Leisure Centre - at the Asda Roundabout take the road to Sandycroft continue past a speed camera untill some shops appear on the L. hand side - turn L. at shops into Rectors Lane then 1st L. the Unit is in front of you!


Our New Telephone Number is 01244-630809

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Mon   9.00 - 12.00 am

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Tues  9.00 - 12.00 am 

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Wen  9.00 - 12.00 am

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Thur  9.00 - 12.00 am 

         2.00 - 7.00pm

Fri     9.00 - 12.00 am


Clinic information

From your very first visit to our practice, we can assist you with the most important aspects of the therapy you need, offering continuous advice and support as well as individual programmes for you to follow at home. The following pages outline key information on our practice and therapies.

GDPR Statement

North Wales Sports Clinic Ltd -  Privacy Principles


When we collect and use your personal information, we ensure that we look after it properly and use it in accordance with our privacy principles set out below, we will keep it safe and will never sell it.


1.     Personal information you provide is processed fairly, lawfully and in    a transparent manner.

2.    Personal information you provide is collected for a specific purpose     and is not processed in a way which is incompatible with the                purpose for which the clinic collected it.

3.    Your personal information is adequate, relevant and limited to what      is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it is processed.

4.    Your personal information is kept accurate and, where necessary        kept up to date.

5.    Your personal information is kept no longer than is necessary, but        the clinic does have legal responsibilities to keep medical records /      documentations for a specific period.

6.     The clinic will take appropriate steps to keep your personal                   information secure.

7.      Your personal information is processed in accordance with your           rights.

8.     The clinic will only transfer your personal information to another             organization when your consent has been given and that the                 required steps have been taken to ensure security under                       contractual obligations that have been put into place.

9.     The clinic will not sell your personal information and we do not               permit the selling of customer data by any companies who provide       a service to us.





    Friday, 25 May 2021

Your first appointment: what should I bring with me?

It's best to bring casual, comfortable sportswear. If you have a prescription from your doctor for the physiotherapeutic treatment, you should bring this along as well as any relevant X-rays.

Treatment schedule: designed to suit you

Appointments with individual therapists can be made to suit your schedule within the practice opening hours. Please leave enough time to prepare for your session.

Cost of treatment:

Phone us on 01244 630809 for the most up to date, competitive pricing.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a multi-faceted profession whose aim is to encourage and  support the return to normal following illness, surgery, disease or trauma. This  is often described as 'rehabilitation'.


So whether your problem is sports related,a sprained  ankle, back pain, an injury at work or one of the very  many other different conditions, there will be a physiotherapist to help you get  better.

Physiotherapy Organisations

Physio First
Physio First is  the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice it is an  occupational group of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and as such is  formally recognised by the Council of the Chartered Society as representing the  interests of its self-employed members.


The Health Professions Council
The Health Professions Council is the  regulatory
body for many health professions.

Under current law only qualified people Registered with The Health Professions Council  as Physiotherapists are allowed to use the title of ‘Physiotherapist’.

It is  therefore important to establish that you choose a Physiotherapist who is HPC  Registered.

You can do this by viewing the HPC Register at .

All Physio First members are HPC Registered


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
The Chartered Society of  Physiotherapy is the professional , educational and trade union body of the UK’s  47,000 Chartered Physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and assistants.

All  Physio First Members are members of the The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy  and will probably have one of the following after their name MCSP Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy or FCSP Fellow of the Chartered  Society of Physiotherapy.

All Chartered Physiotherapists are bound by the  Society's Rules of Professional Conduct and Standards of Physiotherapy Practice  in addition to the Health Professions Council’s Standards, regardless of whether  they work within the public or private sector.

Physiotherapy Training

Chartered Physiotherapists study  full-time for three or four years in University.


During this time they complete  over 1,000 hours of clinical practice in a number of different specialities.

It  is possible to train in part-time programmes however this is less common.


After  this initial period of training a physiotherapist is most likely to work within  a general hospital within the NHS to gain experience, they then may choose to  work in private practice.


Many Physiotherapists undertake post graduate training to enhance their skills and all are committed to Continual Professional Developement.

What to expect when you visit our Physiotherapists

The Physiotherapists will first take a detailed history of your condition  together with any relevant past medical history.

A physical assessment will then be undertaken to determine the clinical  diagnosis of your problem.

The physiotherapist will discuss with you a proposed  treatment plan and will give you an estimate as to the length of treatment  required and the proposed outcome of your treatment.

The initial assessment will probably last up to one hour and subsequent  treatment sessions will last between thirty and forty-five minutes  approximately.

Every opportunity will be given to you to ask questions about your condition  and advice regarding its management and prevention in the future.


Consent to treatment forms & other documentation will be required.

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