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As from the 18th December 2015 the New Location Adress will be:-


North Wales Sports Clinic Ltd

Unit 10

Rectors Lane, Pentre





Which is just a few miles away from our old location at the Deeside Leisure Centre - at the Asda Roundabout take the road to Sandycroft continue past a speed camera untill some shops appear on the L. hand side - turn L. at shops into Rectors Lane then 1st L. the Unit is in front of you!


Our New Telephone Number is 01244-630809

Opening hours


Mon   9.00 - 12.00 am

         2.00 - 7.00pm

Tues  9.00 - 12.00 am 

         2.00 - 7.00pm

Wen  9.00 - 12.00 am

         2.00 - 7.00pm

Thur  9.00 - 12.00 am 

         2.00 - 7.00pm

Fri     9.00 - 12.00 am


General information for patients

Disabled access

We comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995


Disability – Working Together


The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 provides for disabled
people to have the legal right to be treated equal to everybody else. It also
gives disabled people rights in the way they receive or access goods, services
or facilities.

This means that all service providers have to ensure that
their business is accessible for people with disabilities.

The clinic ensures that:

  • There is accessibility for patients who have a
  • They are treated with respect as are all able bodied people


It is our policy not to treat disabled people less favourably because of their disability.

We have tried to consider a full range of facilities required for disabled people and it is imperative that if further requirements are needed or any comments / suggestions you wish to make to the clinic will be

Peadiatric Patients


Paediatric patients (children)


The practice recognises the rights of children as laid down by the Children Act 1989, the principles of which are as follows:

The welfare of the child is paramount

  • Children should be kept informed about what is happening to them and should participate in any discussions that are being held that concerns their consequence assessment / treatment plans.
  • The involvement of the child in the decision-making process is a major principle.
  • Parents continue to have parental responsibility for their children and should be present at all times. They should be kept informed as to any procedures regarding proposed assessment / treatment plans that are formulated for their child and they should participate in any decision making process.
  • If the child is unwilling to proceed with any proposed assessment / treatment, the practitioner will not force them to do so even if it is the express wish of a consenting parent.
  • It goes without saying that during examination / treatment of a child the parent / guardian must be present at all times.





Cleanliness means more than just maintaining a clean and safe environment, it makes a statement to patients and visitors about the attitudes of all the clinic’s staff / practitioners. 

Patients rightly expect everything to be clean, not just the  floors, surfaces, furniture but the clinical equipment used in their treatment. 

Cleanliness is a collective and an individual responsibility and the clinic strives to ensure that all practitioners adhere to its cross infection policy. 

All treatment areas have full facilities of hand sanitising gel and centre pull towel rolls.


Infection Control


Good practice measure – the essence of good cleaning is not only that things look clean, but that they are technically clean.

All patients being treated have a right to assume that the environment is one in which hazards are minimised.

The clinic has a spillage/ hazard box – this is used for any body fluid that may occur and requires to be attended to using the clinic’s policy and guidance. 

The clinic also has safe disposal sharp containers which are used to dispose of any discarded needles / syringes that the clinic Dr may have used.


The clinic has an Infection Control Policy which all the practitioners are aware of and adhere to.

Accident Reporting



It is our policy that workplace accidents will be reported in our accident book.

These are kept at the reception station.

Apart from it being a legal requirement, this enables us to investigate the more serious accidents to ensure that they do not re-occur.


Legal Position – The law on accident reporting is covered by the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995.
These set down requirements for reporting certain types of accidents to the enforcement authorities.


All accidents will be recorded as soon after the event as possible.

This may be done by the injured person.

If a patient or visitor has an accident then the practice manager is responsible for ensuring that it is
recorded, unless someone is providing the treatment.


If the accident or incident is trivial, it will be investigated by the practice manager and measures if required will be implemented to ensure this does not happen again.

Details of such accidents / incidents will later be discussed with all the practitioners.

First Aid

First Aid


It is our policy to ensure that appropriate first aid arrangements are in place for both staff and patients and any visitors to the clinic.

The clinic complies with the Health and Safety (first Aid) Regulations 1981.

We are required to carry out a risk assessment in order to determine what first aid facilities are required.


This is reviewed periodically.


The clinic has the recommended first aid box as well as a resuscitation box in the event of a collapse.

The leisure centre where the clinic has its premises also provides first aiders and the centre has a defibrillation unit.

No Smoking


Smoke Free


Flintshire County Council agreed a No Smoking at Work Policy in January 2005 and this was implemented on 1st April 2005.

The work free premises Act (Wales) Regulation 2007 came into effect @ 06.00am 2nd April 2007.

The effect of the law meant that staff, patients, visitors will not be allowed to smoke within the business or organisation’s premises.

The clinic has enforced its policy and from 2nd April 2007 smoking is prohibited throughout the clinic with no exceptions. This applies to all staff, patients and visitors.


No Smoking Signs are on display.


Complimentary drinks


Hot and cold beverages are provided free of charge to all patients, relatives and friends whilst in the clinic.


Suitable Clothing


During your time in the clinic whether it is for your assessment or treatment you may wish to have a change of clothing with you.

We are able to provide you with changing facilities.


The clinic also provides shorts and T-shirts / tops for those who wish to change whilst undergoing their assessment or treatment but have forgotten to bring them or they may have been unaware that their present clothing is not suitable.

If you require these please inform a member of staff or the practice manager and these will be supplied to you.

If the practitioner feels that you may feel more comfortable in alternative clothing than those that you are wearing, but you do not wish to use the clinic’s clothing, we will offer to arrange another appointment as
quickly as possible for you to enable you to be suitably attired.


Required Documents



It is a requirement that certain relevant information is obtained from you if you wish to receive treatment or have a consultation.


We require an admission sheet to be completed for personal details to be recorded.

Depending on the problem you are presenting with you will be asked to complete the appropriate questionnaire to enable us monitor how you presented on admission and on discharge.


This is information we collect to help provide data for our audits.


You may be asked to sign a release of treatment notes for either OH or for your solicitor which may have been requested.


You will be asked to sign a facility and treatment consent form.

Before your assessment / consultation appointment the facility consent form will be explained and completed. Following your assessment, and having been given an outline of your treatment plan, you will be asked to complete the patient consent to treatment form.

This form will either be counter signed by the practice manager or the treating practitioner.

Health Insurance companies

Health Insurance


We see clients from all major Health Insurance companies.


Just let us know when you book your appointment and bring along your authorisation code and doctors letter (if applicable) when you come for
your first appointment.


Any other queries phone: Christine on 01244 830429


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